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Some of the goods and toys to raise the export tax rebate rate
Reporters on the 9th, as well as from the National Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance Web site that, from June 1 onwards, part of the country once again raised the export tax rebate rate of products, covering the advantages of our products, labor-intensive products, high-tech products and deep processing of products that a total of more than 2600 10 tariff lines of products. This is the 3rd this year, the export tax rebate rate increase, also in August last year since the increase in the 7th. Is expected to increase the export tax rebate rate will increase by about 25.2 billion tax rebate money.

Published by National Tax Administration of the specific content of the policy include: to raise some deep processing of agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, steel products, such as the advantages of the export tax rebate rate will be canned food, fruit juice and other deep-processed products from 13% to 15%, will be corn starch, alcohol from 0 increased to 5%, the alloy profile, such as cold-rolled stainless steel from 5% to 9% (now at 0 In addition to the tax refund rate for the individual products, in principle, be adjusted); increase the luggage, shoes and hats, toys, furniture labor-intensive products, such as the export tax rebate rate will be bags, shoes and hats, toys, furniture, etc. from 13% to 15%, some plastics, ceramics, glass from 11% to 13%, scissors and other hardware products will be from 5%, 11%, respectively, to 9%, 13%; to improve household appliances, single crystal silicon rod, insulin and other high-tech products export tax refund rate.

Understand that the increase in the export tax rebate rate policy on the tax refund rate for the combined grades, the abolition of 11% and 14% in two grade 9 from the original tax rebate rate was reduced to 7 file file. By the international financial crisis, China's foreign trade and exports continued to decline. Echoes with the foreign trade situation, with major growth in the first quarter of the amount of export tax rebate rate of increase began to fall. In April, the export tax rebate for the actual 32.89 billion yuan, up 11.9 percent, 9.3 percent decrease.

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